The Foundation has donated over $9,000 since inception.

​​​The Foundation has raised $23,197.75 to date.   

The Foundation is a qualified 501(c)3 charitable entity

The Foundation is a qualified 501(C)3 charitable entity

PayPal is a very secure way to donate and you do not need a PayPal account.  It accepts all major credit cards.  You can also send a check to:

The Brendan Rosko Foundation

1129 The Hideout

Lake Ariel, PA 18436

Brendan loved children and was both a coach and mentor. He taught younger children how to swim, dive and compete to the best of their ability.  His memory will live on eternally through his foundation.  The foundation will provide an opportunity for kids to attend a camp, whether it’s science or sports related, whose family cannot not otherwise afford it.


Words from a fellow swimmer:

​​​“Brendan was an athlete, scholar, and friend to many.  I got to know him during my time at Henderson High School on the swim team.  He and I were in the same class, and I would see him at practice several times a week for 4 years.  He was one of those guys on the team I could always admire because he was not only talented, but he was also a compassionate teammate.  He was always ready to cheer for fellow swimmers, even if he didn’t really know them.  He would help all of us get ready for swims that we had anxiety about, and he was just an excellent role model for everyone around him.

My strongest memories of Brendan are from some of the relays he and I shared.  I was always a quieter person who didn’t seem to show much excitement or energy for an upcoming swim, but Brendan was just the opposite.  He was so full of energy and passion that it would affect the whole relay.  There were so many times that he would be up before me and he would turn to me and shout how we could win but everyone needs to bring their all, and the energy that he showed would get my heart rate up and get me ready to go.

I can only imagine that if he had such an impact on me who he just saw during swimming, the people who knew him better and his loved ones must have been so blessed.  And now with this tragedy, they all must be hurting so horribly, and I wish that there was more I could do to ease the pain.  I just hope that this memory of mine…this energy filled with the energy of his life and passion can help them remember what a great man he was.”

Brendan always put others first and was a great big brother not only to his sister but to younger friends and neighbors.

Please consider a donation so we can provide a wonderful experience at a camp to as many under privileged youths as possible.  Thank you for your generosity.