The Foundation is a qualified 501(C)3 charitable entity

Mr. David Currie PMP is currently retired from Unisys Corporation after more than 40 years of extensive experience in delivering integration service projects in the information services industry.  Mr. Currie is a Senior Project Leader with a proven track record of tirelessly conceptualizing technology solutions to resolve business obstacles, rescue failing projects and improve service delivery profitability.  He is an expert in delivering and directing complex business focused technology initiatives in CRM, Health and Human Services, Airport Operations, Criminal Justice Integrated Systems (CJIS) and Public Sector. Mr. Currie has led projects at Volusia County, Los Angeles County Department of Social Services, DeKalb County, GA and State of Indiana Child Welfare Department. He represented the Unisys North America Project Manager Community for the Project Manager Center of Excellence to enhance project manager skills and promote the project management discipline. He received his B.S. degree in Mathematics from South Dakota State University.

Mr. Currie is looking forward to contributing to the Brendan Rosko Foundation leadership due to his working relationship with Rob Rosko while at Unisys and sharing in the loss of a son.  Devon succumbed to cancer in December 2008. A celebration quote sums up Devon’s life: “For those who had the privilege to watch Devon play, he represented that rare type of player who brought the anticipation of a special moment to each play on the field. After being diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer, Devon approached his illness as those who knew him expected. With the heart of a lion, he took the challenge head on and battled every step of the way”.