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Mr. Robert Sprecher PMP is the Program Director for Face Recognition and Video Analytics for MorphoTrak.  Prior to this role, Mr. Sprecher was Practice Director for Unisys North American Public Safety and Justice Program.   He has more than 30 years of national and international law enforcement experience, in addition to technology development, architectural programming, and project management for federal, state, and local agencies.   He worked as a Deputy Sheriff, Detective, SWAT Commander and Department Director for large, urban public safety agencies. His received  his undergraduate degree from Regis University and attended the University of Colorado Graduate School of Public Affairs.

Mr. Sprecher has consulted with the Houston Police Department, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office; the Atlanta Department of Corrections, and the New York Police Department.  His international experience includes work for Her Majesty’s Prison Service in England, the Hong Kong Police Department, and the Singapore Central Narcotics Bureau and Prison Service.

Mr. Sprecher has been assigned to FBI and DEA task forces and was deputized as a United States Marshal in support of counterterrorism and security assignments. Mr. Sprecher supported the US DHS, TSA and many State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies

Rob’s son Robby Sprecher passed in September 2008 after a brief illness.   He loved all things outdoors and was an avid angler.